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We are Movement Vilnius, a movement school born from the need to rethink physical culture. We work to support and develop the idea of “Movement Culture” while at the same time providing the tools, methods, and everyday practices needed to realize this idea. We organize training programs, workshops, daily practices and personal training sessions to help people discover and realize the potential of their diversity of motion and physical complexity as well the quality of their kinesthetic experience.

The gamut of Movement Vilnius practices provide the opportunity to build a solid, intelligent and practical body that is capable of overcoming daily life‘s challenges and is resistant to injuries.

The greatest strength of our team is our ability to lead practitioners through a consistent learning process and to achieve tangible results in a relatively short time. We do not offer workouts or 'sport'. Instead, we focus on the process of education and daily practices with the sole purpose of moving better.

For training quality of movement we use general and common movement principles that come from and bring together a variety of diverse movement disciplines. We aim not to master individual movements, their sequences, or a particular form of movement. Instead, we invite practitioners to acquire the most versatile ability to move, learn and grow in complexity and to adapt to the uncertain and ever-changing situations as easily as possible. Versatility in motion and fast learning are becoming a specialization of our practitioners. We are no longer seeking mastery in one or another discipline, but the mastery of movement itself.

We move through the educational process invoking our own and our teachers' experience on proven and methodically defined paths. This includes our chosen topics, teaching processes, anatomical knowledge, basic coordination analysis, tools, techniques, etc. We believe that the desire to "just move" from self-creation and improvisation is not enough. Free movement, like free speech, occurs when the first letters, words, sentences are learned clearly and simply from the beginning. Free, light and high-quality movement is accomplished by expanding the motion dictionary, and sometimes by simply going back and asking yourself if, from the simpler elements of a complex motion sequence, each of the simple (and conventional!) movements are being done properly and with proper clarity.

who is Movement Vilnius for?

For movers who do not “fit” in any discipline's “format”, or who are looking for a broader perspective on “sport”

Anyone who wants to train intensively and comprehensively, is curious and open to learning, is looking for inspiration, and is ready to inspire others

Professionals in their fields seeking to improve their performance through deeper knowledge of their body

our team

Jekaterina Kučinskienė

Movement Fundamentals teacher, co-founder of Movement Vilnius, dancer - soloist of the National Opera and Ballet Theater, yoga teacher, mother of two children.
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Severas Švedas

Movement Fundamentals teacher, co-founder of Movement Vilnius, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, massage therapist.

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Justas Kučinskas

Movement Fundamentals teacher, co-founder of Movement Vilnius, Adhikari level teacher of Classical Mai Ram Yoga, choreographer, dancer, philosopher.

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Lina Puodžiukaitė - Lanauskienė

Contemporary dance performer, choreographer, teacher of Movement Vilnius.

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Vytenis Jankauskas

Osteopathic doctor, physiotherapist, martial arts practitioner, Movement Vilnius teacher.

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our inspiration

For several years, we have been learning intensively from the world-renowned movement teacher, Ido Portal. By participating in seminars, camps, internships, and online coaching, we have been able to confirm/endorse the effectiveness of his method and the quality of its open movement experience. The methodological approach of Ido‘s teachings and the clarity of his communicative principles enable us to convey the knowledge we have acquired and allow us to draw on the experience we have accumulated in other movement disciplines so far and integrate this into our teaching.


We have worked together with Mai Ram for over ten years. Justas is an initiated Adhikari-level teacher of classical Mai Ram Yoga. Mai Ram Devi's care and example inspires our team to look at the whole range of movement practitioners and the learning process as our personal yoga practice in the broad sense: to seek deeper self-knowledge through the physical and psychological states of self-restraint; to translate practice into everyday life; to see the body throughout the process; and to see the unity of body, mind and spirit. The Mai Ram yoga system, which encompasses all levels of being, constantly reminds us that every single movement of our bodies is an expression of harmony of the individual body, mind and soul.