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This program is designed for those who due to distance or time constraints are unable to attend daily practices but are motivated and ready to practice independently.

It is also intended for those who are striving for specific goals and want fast and tangible results in a specific area of ​​movement or movement discipline.

The individual training program allows you to specifically focus on the movement and learning aspects that are most relevant to the individual  practitoner.

During the program, the practitioner is given personal practice time with teachers and self-study time for individual practice.


Individual training cycle volume - 6 weeks.

Price 275 eur. 


1. First meeting – evaluation of skills and setting tangible goals. 1 hour

2. Second meeting – begining individual programming, teaching new elements. 2 hours

3. Third meeting - reviewing learned elements, corrections and improvements, providing a “green light” for self practice. 1.5 hours

4. Independent practice (4 weeks), remote consultation on issues raised.

5. Fourth meeting.-  presenting results, discussion, setting future goals. 1 hour


To start the program, contact: movementvilnius@gmail.com