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Power Anatomy is a wide-ranging course sports professionals and individuals solid physical readiness. During this course we look at the qualities of power and strength through a variety of different perspectives and  provide tools and methods to develop a versatile and resillient body.

What does it mean for a person to be really strong? What kind of body, attributes, and skills do you need to survive in complex and unpredictable life scenarios?

We invite you to a special seminar where we will look at the attribute / skill of strength from as many perspectives as possible:

  • Unlock the connection between control and strength by using gymnastic rings

  • Look for control, coordination and body adaptability during organic / non-linear strength tasks where individuald face unusual situations  and  as many different body positions as possible.

  • Combine the features of explosive power, speed, and total body coordination with the 9 Speed ​​Tool. We focus on the "athletic" (optimum) stance, the basic foot positions required for most sports, and familiarize with the whole body kinetic circuit with activating and balancing arm swing systems.

  • Learn  practical tools and basic methodologies for training the body's corset (muscles, joints, ligaments) for injury resistance, and familiarize students with the progressions of how all body joints move. We also work to prepare for unusual situations (where most injuries occur).

While looking into different aspects of the strength attribute in this four-day workshop, we will combine different, often contrasting movement scenarios.  For example, working with gymnastic rings and organic strength elements. In body preparation and corset exercises we move slowly, emphasizing focus and control. While working with „9 Speed ​​Tool“ we look for explosive power and speed attributes.

We open the perspectives of strength in hanging and crawling scenarios and explore how we can generate strenght/power more efficiently while walking, jumping, and holding a tool in our hands. We will also practice how to generate the necessary force in pulling, pushing, throwing, swinging and static scenarios. The common denominator of these practices is a strength/power/force. In other words - a strong, resilient and intelligent body capable of operating in different life scenarios. During these four days, we will make sure that "strength", as it is often understood, is not really one attribute in one situation - it is a complex and profound set of skills that requires deep self-knowledge.

1) Gymnastic rings 0.1:

360 strength positions - Front and Back Lever, Ring Support, Active Hang, Skin the Cat.  Chin-up, dips and muscle-up progressions

2) Organic / non-linear strength 0.1:

Static situations in the horizontal plane - ipsi & contra lateral torso positions, balancing, pushing, pulling, landing, basic crawling progressions.


3) "9 SpeedTool" 0.1

Manipulation of an object: closed and open kinetic chain movements in throwing, striking, whipping, swinging, jumping and stepping coordinations.

Coordination 0.1

Throwing coordination, armswing coordination in the multiple spatial planes, "athletic" posture, and main stance positions.


4) "Corset" - flexible body armor

Mobilization of major joints‘ amplitudes and muscle groups, preparatory work covering whole body, specific non-linear load for greater body resilience in awkward situations.