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What foundations do we need to lay in order to make life in this body more joyful and open up new possibilities?


Movement Fundamentals is an intense 20-hour course consisting of theoretical and practical lessons. This course is designed to gain the basic movement skills and knowledge needed for a comprehensive physical body practice. We then begin the process of comprehensively strengthening your body.

During the course participants will be introduced to mobility, flexibility and injury prevention practices, key elements of strength practice, and coordination mechanisms for smooth movement. We recommend this course for everyone who wants learn systematized knowledge about movement and for those wanting to strengthen themselbes and begin  Movement Vilnius practice and activities as soon as possible.*

* We invite people to join most of the Movement Vilnius practices ONLY  after this introductory course.

What to expect:

  • Beautiful practice studio with changerooms, washroom and shower

  • 2-4 teachers availble at all times

  • A variety of proven educational methodologies

  • Consultation with a professional osteopathic doctor if needed

Practices included in Movement Fundamentals:

  • Basic practices for mobility, flexibility, and injury prevention.


  • Improvement of coordination mechanisms: "wave" coordination, "spiral principle" in movementPrinciples of open and closed kinetic chain movements, ipsi-lateral and contra-lateral coordination mechanisms. During these practices we focus on how we move in everyday life situations - as we stand, sit, stumble, sit and stand, lie on and rise from the floorand as we climb stairs or bend over to avoid obstruction. By adjusting old habits, we find ways to move more easily and efficiently.

  • During the introduction to Moving Asanas we will acquire quadrupedalling skills and learn to combine them creatively into sequences of motion. During these practices, we will also learn the basics of floor work (floor movement).

  • Introduction to 360 ° Strength practices:  theoretical & practical basics of shoulderblade vocabulary, wrist preparation, internal postural muscle activation, squatting & hanging patterns, hand-balancing. During these practices we learn about the necessary coordination mechanisms for basic complex exercises  such as chin-ups, dips, muscle-ups, squats, push-ups, planche, front & back lever, skin-the-cat and others.