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S1, S2, S3, S4 - jam session

Moving Asanas is a 16+ hour course of 4 days consisting of 4 levels: S1, S2, S3, S4. Each day / level can be attended separately, but it is necessary to have the skills acquired at the previous level to join. We recommend joining Locomotion workshops after completing the Movement Fundamentals“ course.

Practise time 10.00 - 14.15 all four days.

In Moving Asanas we return to natural, organic motion that replicates the evolution of human movement in space. We go from movement patterns on the floor to quadrupelling on all fours to movements more habitual to us like walking in an upright postition on two legs.

Movement in different levels of space resembles authentic primordial dance, certain animal movements and elements of martial arts or yoga asanas dynamically performed in space. During these practices, individual movements or movement elements are systematically integrated into larger chains of movement patterns. These practices develop coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance and concentration. It is precisely such comprehensive movement practices that allow the body to withstand any challenge, and to discover aesthetic satisfaction in the flow of motion.


Saturday S1: Loconomotion FIgures

In S1 Individuals learn: the four main techniques of quadrupelling; the most common Locomotion figures like crab, crow crab, cossack insertion rotational l-sit, step behind, cross step, role and others.


Sunday S2: Flexibility and Strength

In S2 individuals learn: focus; flexibility and strength figures including :rotational bridge, lizard, shinobi step, QDR, corta capim, shablul.

In Sunday practice, we will learn to creatively connect self-contained figures into smooth sequential movement patterns.


Saturday S3: Ascend-descend system

In S3 we will explore the “ascend-descend system. Here we will learn quite simple yet, creative figures that will allow us to change levels of space easily and smoothly. The figures learned in S3 include: slippery pickle; accordion; forward & backward roll; shoulder stand; rotational fisherman squat; and tail concept. In the S3 session, we will also learn the key techniques of floor work (moving while whole body is on the floor).

Sunday S4 : Integration Jam session

In S4 we use previously acquired knowledge and skills in various creative and decision-making tasks as we work with partners and improvise. The main goal of S4 progression of tasks is to turn the learned techniques into a free improvised movement. This session is open to all movers with various levels of experience who want to gift themselves an unforgettable Sunday morning movement celebration.