Internship with Ido Portal

Atnaujinta: 2020 m. sausio 15 d.

Reflecting on an intense week of internship with Ido Portal… I come to realize that what I am now after is not just working with the body.

What makes real difference is the way HOW any particular task or movement is approached. Two people may seem to be working on the same thing, but actually by their conscious choices and awareness (or the lack of it) they may be heading towards completely different results. Therefore, I have to be busy not only with the body as such, but also with the perceptions on the way I approach the body and the practices I do. (If a body was a vehicle, I would approach it as a driver, not a mechanic).

To achieve a complete movement practice, to become a master and the true craftsman of movement, as much as I need to do the physical work, I also need to pay attention to my patterns of thought, keep redefining my beliefs, stay open and curious for learning, persistent in my endeavors.

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