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Being a professional in a particular field, especially in sports, can mean one thing – extreme specialization of particular movement patterns and a very intense workout schedule. This often leaves no time to explore a greater variety of movements or strengthen weaker links of body and movement chains.

One of the ways to improve faster is to understand the underlying principles of movement in broader perspective. Mastering a great variety of movement patterns and foundational coordinations can allow you to move more effectively and efficiently within the techniques defined by specific sports disciplines.

At the core of any sports discipline is the general human ability to move and learn. Often, higher-level skills are referred to in the abstract as “talent”. It is possible that by becoming a better mover in general, an athlete can make a huge leap forward in their specific sport. We activate athletes‘ talent.

Our physical training and learning process not only improves the athlete's overall abilities, but at the same time develops responsiveness, body communication, balance, concentration, peripheral vision, efficient movement in space and other essential body-mind connecting skills that are no less important than robust and resilient body or technically correct spatial movement.

We work with basketball players, dancers, runners, and fighters.

For area-specific training programs or individual training plans, please contact us at: movementvilnius@gmail.com